Welfares for Members
1. The "Eight of Lotus", the official journal of our association, is published and distributed free of charge. However, as this has only a very limited circulation, members of our association will have the first priority for receiving it.
2. All photographs that are printed in our journal, both inside and at the covers, are allowed to be reprinted for members at a certain cost, one for each kind (sorry that non-members are not allowed). The first ten photographs of 3R size will be provided to our new members at their own choices (even for back issues) free of charge.
3. All news of the activities of this association, such as initiations and teachings, lecture series of the Buddhist Dharma, classes of Tibetan language, meditation, and so on in the future, will be mailed to our members who will have the first priority in enrolling for and in attending these activities.
4. Most of our activities will be free of charge. For those activities that are at costs, such as the renting of public lecture halls, members will have a special discount and also have the first priority.
5. For those people who have received the "smoke offering sadhana", each can order for one "Tibetan-style mirror", to be hung on the long-life arrow for one's practice. As there is only limited supply, these will be provided for members only and are first-come-first-served.

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Date of Birth: Sex: Male Female
Passport / I.D. no.: Nationality:
Marital Status: Married Single Divorced
Occupation: Mobile / Pager no.:
Tel (Home): Tel (Office):
E-Mail: Fax:
Religious Associations attended before:
Teachers that you have taken refuge from:
Initiations that you have taken:
Responsible for other organizations:
Educational Levels & Specialism:
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