Methods for Donations

Our association if registered as a non-profit, charitable repigious organization. In order to promote the various activities (such as classes for Buddhist teachings, Tibetan language, meditation and so on) that we aim for, a premise of our own will be most beneficial to all members. Furthermore, in order to help us in continuing to publish and distribute our journal free of charge to peoples all over the world, and to have it promulgated throught our website on the internet, your generous donations will be of tremendous benefits for the spreading of the Dharma, and ultimately for all sentient beings. All donations can be applied for tax exemption from the Inland Revenue Department. The followings are the methods for Donations:

1) Pleaes fill in the following form, together with a crowwed cheque (or international bank draft) addressed to "Dudjom Buddhist Association International Limited" and a self-addressed stamped envelope, so that we can send back an official receipt to you.
2) In case you do not want your name to be disclosed, you can just write down " Aperson with No Name" in the form, and we will send an official receipt using the same.
3) In case you do not need any official receipt, you can send in your donations directly to our bank account as follows:

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Account Number: 579-2-006529
A/C Holder: Dudjom buddhist Association International Limited

Donations Form
Name of Donor:
Aim(s) for Donations:
Ordinary Donations: HKD/USD
Printing of the Journal: HKD/USD
Foundation for Premise-purchase: HKD/USD
Printing of Books/Tibetan-Chinese Sadhanas: HKD/USD
Foundation for the Freeing of Animals: HKD/USD
Special Donations: HKD/USD
Please Specify:
Total Amount: HKD/USD
Cheque / Money Order No.


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