From the realm of Copper Mountain, the Vajra Guru in union,
Sends forth the warm, rich blessing of his pure enlightened intention.
The holder of this eternal victory banner -- the great secret doctrine,
To you, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje (Dudjom Rinpoche II), I pray.
In order to tame beings according to their elements and mental capacities,
When conditions are conducive during the special pure light aeon of time,
You will appear whenever to whosoever may be tamed.
To the aspects of pure awareness emanation, gone beyond all limitations, I pray.
May I hear your nectar-like speech forever. By the power of your immeasurably great compassion and mercy,
With the potential to send forth emanations of miraculous activity into a hundred directions, Awaken me that I may gain the inner strength of perfect virtue,
May I become your heart son and spiritual regent. In the enlightened palace of Ogmin Copper Mountain,
The guide, assembly, and pure intention remain inseparably of one taste.
By actualizing the state of Buddhahood and travelling through the all-pervasive space of ongoing beings,
May I then become a great spiritual guide and saviour.
At the future time when the Buddha's doctrine is overcome by barbarians,
He who is known as Dorje Nonpo (the Sharp Vajra) in the land of Shambhala,
Will become the exalted king.
To you, who will then put an end to that destructive war, I pray.
I have written this history of my past incarnations so as not to disappoint several devoted disciples who have fervently requested it again and again. This account finds its origin in the past treasures and spiritual precepts as well as the mind and speech of those previous Vidyadharas ( pure awareness holders ). Thus, I, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, have written this down so that good fortune and prosperity may prevail !
The future guide who will come at the end of this light aeon of time,
The Victorious One whose name will be Mopa Od Thaye,
Will arise to tame beings by manifesting the four immeasurable qualities.
To you, who will transport ongoing beings from the deep pit-like realm, I pray.
(To be done when extensive version is NOT done)

To the skillful Vidyadhara of the past who was known as Nuden Dorje,
To the feet of the Victorious One Mopa Thaye, To the present day regent of Guru Padma who is actually Drogben Lotsawa,
To you, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje (Dudjom Rinpoche), I pray.

Thus, for the benefit of devotees, this was written by myself.

Concluding Verses

By the force of this heartfelt prayer of unfailing faith,
For all future lifetimes you will be my crowning protector.
By my continual reliance upon you, my crowning jewel,

CONTENT of Issue 1

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