Editorial (Iuaugural Issue)


"All things are related with cause and effect. The Tathagata has taught that cause and effect are the origin of reality. Freedom comes from realizing that cause and effect are together. This is the teaching of the Great Sramana."
Mantra of Interdependent Origination


This new Buddhist journal has, indeed, come into existence due to the principle of "interdependent origination" as taught by the Lord Buddha. After a long period of pain and labour, both this new journal and the new Dharma centre were born out of the womb of the Mother of Prajnaparamita. Both of them are in their infancy, and they will need all your nurture, help and support in order that they will slowly grow and develop to the stage of maturation. But one thing for sure, they are here to stay in order to fulfill a mission and a vision -- the liberation and enlightenment of all motherly sentient beings -- that has been brought to us by the Lord Buddha more than 2,500 years ago. We do hope that you, too, can join us and we can embark upon this journey together.
While approaching the end of the Twentieth Century and crossing the threshold towards the Twenty-first Century, we human beings are at the crossroad as to where and when we will be able to reach our final human destination. During this Degenerate Age, human beings face many challenges. Among these are the destructive wars, the depletion of natural resources, the changing environmental impacts and weather conditions, new incurable and fatal diseases, together with many other dangers that are threatening our human existence. Religionists, philosophers, scientists and medical practitioners are trying various means to help us solve these basic problems and human sufferings.
Yet, as early as more than 2,500 years ago, the historical Lord Buddha had already shown us the way to alleviate human suffering and to gain liberation and enlightenment. Unfortunately, due to the three poisons (greed, hatred and ignorance) of all sentient beings, as well as our "collective karma" in living in such a life-world of five impurities (aeon, view, sentient being, defilement, and life), we are always grasping and attaching to the ego and to the dharmas, and thus cannot liberate ourselves from those human bondage.
Our editorial board, realizing how limited our resources and efforts are, has a strong faith hoping that we can help to bring about a new wave of "Buddhist spiritual and cultural renaissance", whereby the present Great Masters of the various traditions and lineages of the Buddhist faith can come together and help to shed new light on the ancient wisdom of the Buddhist teachings. In so doing, they can help us to correct some of the wrong views and doings of the current trends in Buddhist theory and practice around our "global village". It is further hoped that this will, in turn, help to enlighten us -- the faithful disciples of Buddhism -- on the direction and ways that we should follow and tread on in this modern age.
The following are the two major principles that our journal will adhere to in trying to correct some of the wrong views and doings within the Buddhist faith: --
(1) A holistic approach to the Buddhist teachings -- in response to the fact that the teachings of the Buddha have been split up into different yanas and thus brought .....CONTINUE.....


CONTENT of Issue 1

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