Drops of Wisdom Preface
Law Mei-Ling

Translated by David K K Chan

"Eight or nine expectations out of ten in our lives are usually unfulfilled", and so in this miserable, helpless life of ours (which is like a long and winding road full of hindrances, obstacles and sufferings) just to face all kinds of challenges, difficulties, worries and frustrations in life is already a task too burdensome for both our body and our soul.
How can we, as Buddhist practitioners, transform our defilements into wisdom, negative circumstances into positive ones, stumbling blocks into stepping stones, as well as our hesitations at the crossroad into a lighthouse of wisdom in order to guide our way towards the path to liberation and enlightenment?
Do we feel more indulgent in this world of materialistic desires when we (deep down inside where the five poisons of greed, hatred, ignorance, pride and jealousy have been lingering all along) are at a loss as to what we should do with ourselves, and what we are striving for? This is, indeed, a great lesson which we need to learn in this very life.
Things are usually more easily said than done, and so for the real practice of the Dharma is something that we need to reckon with seriously. Some practitioners might say "don't be attached" or "everything is emptiness" when tyring to ease their own troubles, but surely it is not the right attitude to take in trying to solve real problems in our daily practices. What one really needs to have are, namely, an unshakable and resolute will-power, an open heart and mind, the wisdom to know oneself (perfectly aware of one's own strengths and weaknesses), the ability to calmly analyze and distinguish the rights from the wrongs, the courage and insight-penetration to cut off defilements, an never-ending tenacity and perseverence, an immeasurable compassion for the forgiveness of others, the skills needed for treading the worldly path and its affairs, the nurturance of the sentiments, and the diligence of searching for the ultimate truth. All these virtues and wisdom are needed in order that one can finally meet unfavourable circumstances head-on in order to solve their entanglements; and to have self-realization in order to become fully liberated and enlightened. Nowadays, people start talking about A.Q. (Adversity Quotient), besides I.Q. and E.Q., for being successful in life!
Just to think of one difficulty will already make us feel distressful and helpless, then how about the tens of thousands of difficulties that we may encounter all through our lives? The followings are just some examples: when incurable diseases come to us, when our lives are in danger, when the ones you love meet disasters and sicknesses, when the ones you hate come haunting you endlessly, and when all the things which you wish for are unfulfilled. Furthermore, all those things which you treasured and possessed (such as fame, wealth, power and glory), and those whom you loved, are now gone. In times of the conflicts of interests, you may be discarded, betrayed or hurt by your loved ones, including your family members and your best friends.
Besides facing all these difficulties in our lives, there are other big and small challenges and temptations, such as the challenges ..CONTINUE ..


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