The Garland of Crystal Perals:
Prayer to the Legendary Incarnations of Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche
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In the sky of the unchanging empty bliss of the primordial sphere of truth,
The clouds of immeasurable, original knowledge and compassion appear;
I pray to the all-pervasive supreme Master, the learned one,
Whose perfectly virtuous compassion rains forth.
To grant and insure happiness and benefit,
The minister pronounced the law of the saintly king, Indrabhuti.
Guarding his utterance and prophecies like (his) ornamental crystal mala,
To the Dharma Minister Trina Dzin (Krishnadhara in Sanskrit), I pray.
Here in this pure awareness realm, renowned as an excellent light kalpa,
The guide who is the crowning diadem of the class of one thousand Buddhas,
Who shows the supreme being of a powerful tantric yogi,
Is Nuden Dorje Chang. To you I pray.
The noble Heruka's dance of great bliss,
Is the illusory play of the unchanging supreme wisdom of intrinsic awareness,
The accomplished Vidyadhara of the mind of Yangdagpa,
To the Vajra Master Humkara, I pray.
Sentient beings in the degenerate time of disputation have been abandoned by the other Victorious Ones;
But Shakyamuni Buddha has accepted to take them upon himself.
Indivisibly one with the Buddhas, the supreme wisdom being,
To the Arya Sharipu, I pray.
In the presence of the second Buddha, Padmakara, His mind equal to the great tantric Guru, displayed his accomplishment of the secret mantras;
By merely gazing into space, he could summon forth and capture all the birds.
To the Lotsawa, Drogben Khyeu Chung, I pray.
He who experiences the supreme, indestructible, exhaustless strength of youth,
Pierces whatever phenomena arise with the arrow of Great Bliss,
Slaying the three realms and the inhabitants,
To the Brahmin Saraha, I pray.
Having received the direct vision and transmission from Manjushri Vadisimha,
You directly perceived all Dharmas in their actual, ultimate nature as they conventionally exist.
The Bodhisattva of active method and wisdom which liberates sentient beings,
To Jowo Mriti Jnana (Smrtijmanakirti in Sanskrit), I pray.