to re-construct new meanings in our lives by putting all these into perspective.National economies and nation-states will be collapsed into the "black hole" of globalization, resulting in the shrinking of the globe in terms of space and time. On the other hand, the establishment of virtual reality is expanding, like the "big bang theory" such that more and more smaller worlds (each in their own rights) will be formed in people's social circles (such as chat groups, bulletin boards, and so on) in this new Information Community. It is to this extent that the ancient wisdom of Buddhism can help to provide us with new insights to the perennial questions in human life and to prepare ourselves for the "paradigm shift" of this new millennium.

Life and death, being the core of such kind of perennial questions which transcends temporal, spatial, religious, ideological, racial, ethnic, national and cultural boundaries, is an important topic for our discussion in the section on "Drops of Wisdom" particularly at the very moment of death. In making sense of the spiritual dimension in our everyday life, "mind training" is an important ingredient of Dharma practice. In training our minds, we can then have a better appreciation and application of "the interplay and interface of Dharma practice with everyday life", a topic to be specially dedicated for this new age, which we think will have particular significance for contemporary living of the 21st century. This is, indeed, the Art of Living in our modern life for the New Millennium!

This issue is specially dedicated to Kyabje Chadral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche, a truly realized master and a great practitioner of Dzogpa Chenpo who is still with us today. He is, indeed, the exemplary life of how the ancient wisdom of Buddhism can be put into real practice for the benefits of humankind in the 21st century! We are most grateful for Rinpoche's extreme kindness in allowing us to write about him in our journal. As far as I know, Rinpoche has never allowed anyone to write about him before, even though so many of his disciples have been asking for his permission to do so in the past. Rinpoche himself has always been, and still maintains, "a hermit"all through his life and he never wants himself to be publicized. It is, indeed, most exciting and rejoicing for us all, Rinpoche's most humble and devoted disciples, to be able to know more about Rinpoche and his great deeds, as well as to feel his blessings and his presence with us.

Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche has always been living a very simple life, meditating and practicing in caves and other solitary places blessed by Guru Rinpoche and other great saints of the past. Rinpoche has shown us that his wisdom truly emerged from the rugged training and practice of a hard life as a hidden yogi, which can be reflected by the wrinkles on his face that were left behind by the forces of nature (from the hots and colds of the seasons, as well as from the winds and snowfalls of nature) during his solitary practices throughout his whole life. Rinpoche never says himself as the manifestation of such and such a buddha or a bodhisattva, nor did he ever mention that he is the reincarnation (tulku) of such and such a great master, or high -- CONTINUE --


CONTENT of Issue 3

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