Chan Kin Keung
Law Mei Lingz

The "Dudjom Tersar" can be considered as one of the most precious teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. It originated from The Collections of the Sa-Ter and Gong-Ter of both Great Tertons Dudjom Lingpa and his reincarnation Dudjom Jigdral Yeshe Dorje. As prophesized by Guru Rinpoche himself, the Ters are to be revealed at the appropriate times, by prophesized Tertons, for the benefits of sentient beings of those particular periods. Hence, Ters are the essences of all the important teachings, to be highly condensed with different levels of practices. In this way, Ters can be considered as the Golden key to enlightenment as they are most suitable and conducive to modern day Dharma practice.

However, even though material resources are so vast and abundant, and that information are developing so rapidly in the contemporary world, it is a pity that not even a single volume, out of the fifty some volumes, of the Dudjom Tersar has been translated into Chinese or English in order to benefit all the people. So, is it because the causes and conditions are not yet ripened? Or, is it because sentient beings have not enough merits and so they do not deserve to receive such kind of precious teachings?

In actuality, the numbers of volumes of Tantric texts that have been translated into Chinese or English are so few, that it is just like a drop of water in the Ocean of Wisdom in Tibetan Buddhism. It is, indeed, a very sad phenomenon for genuine practitioners of the Secret Mantra Path. Yet, in the public bookstores, one can find so many books and writings that have perverted, distorted, extremely strange and superstitions viewpoints and practices on Tantrism. Those do not have the slightest idea of what Tibetan Buddhism is all about will usually be attracted to these wrong views, and so, sadly enough, many sentient beings have been led astray! Yes, we are now in the Degenerate Period!

"The brightness of the sunshine will dispel all darkness" - this is what we really want to see happened! Hence, our sincere wish for this century - to have the whole system of the Dudjom Tersar to be translated into Chinese and/or English - will need all the help and support of all those people who do really care for the precious teachings! The "Prajnaparamita of the Words" is so important to carry the teachings through the centuries in order to benefit countless sentient beings. We can see how influential Ven Hsuan Tsang, even to this very day, with all his great translations from Sanskrit into Chinese. Yet the Emperor of the Liang Dynasty, though he had built more than 480 temples and monasteries, was not remembered for his deeds. For those of you who would really want the Dharma to flourish, would you be kind enough to lend your helping hands in order to make this a reality?

With the extreme kindness and blessings of Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche, who has introduced excellent translators for this important task, half of the first step has been moved. Yet we would need your gracious help and support, in terms of material resources, in order that the whole step can really be materialized!

As for our journal "Pema Osel", it is now published up till the third issue. Most people


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