A Short Life Story of the Great Terton Dudjom Lingpa

Yeshe Thaye

Prediction of His Reincarnation

While Traktung Dudul Dorje (the fourteenth in the line of Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche's incarnations) was enjoying the feast of Dharma prosperity at Guru Rinpoche's "Palace of the Light of Lotus" Guru Rinpoche himself personally asked Dudul Dorje to go to Eastern Tibet in order to serve the faithful beings there, at the request of his spiritual consort Yeshe Tsogyal, by saying: "Among your disciples, there will come three thousand people endowed with fortunate karmic connections with you. Over five hundred excellent people will attain enlightenment in their very lifetimes. The twenty-five King and Subjects will come to assist you. Ten Tertons will appear with you as well, and seven esoteric masters will be born as your children and grandchildren."

Conditions for His Rebirth

The Great Terton Dudjom Lingpa, also known as Garwang Dudjom Pawo, was thus born in 1835 at the Lower Ser Valley of Eastern Tibet, in the midst of rays of rainbows. His father was Aten of the Nub Clan from the Ah-chak Dru lineage, while his mother was Po-dzog from the Mutsha-ga lineage. In the secret meaning, his body was the manifestation of Drokben Khyechung Lotsawa (one of the original 25 disciples of Guru Rinpoche), his speech was the manisfestation of Yeshe Tsogyal, and his mind was the manifestation of Guru Rinpoche himself.

Dudjom Lingpa was born with the gift of great wisdom and spiritual powers. From early childhood onwards, he was already displaying his " true natural powers" that only a very few rare Great Masters could.

His Receiving Teachings

Though he lived among ordinary people most of the time, Dudjom Lingpa had hardly been separated from the Buddha Fields. He received only limited teachings and transmissions from human teachers, including Lama Jigme, Lama Jamyang, Kathok Chak-tsa Tulku and Patrul Rinpoche. Yet he had received unceasing teachings from the various Buddhas and enlightened beings in his constant "pure visions". Indeed, hosts of Buddhas, enlightened beings, Dakas and Dakinis were constantly protecting, cherishing and nourishing him spiritually, as well as physically.

His Life in General

Dudjom Lingpa was endowed with a strongly built body, with a dark-reddish brown complexion, a semi-wrathful face, together with wide and powerful eyes. He used to dress in white tantric robes with ornaments and earrings. He used to have half of his long hair tied up into a topknot, while letting the remaining hair to be loosely hung.

During his life, Dudjom Lingpa faced many obscurations from various negative forces, but he was able to turn them all into supports for the spreading of the Holy Dharma. He himself was not in good health at the later years of his life, but he was able to heal many sick people through his spiritual power, sometimes even with a single gesture.

While he was looking straight ahead, even the closest disciples of Dudjom Lingpa did not dare to walk in front of him, just because of the great power and might of his staring eyes. It was said that the lay people in Golok prayed with the words: "Oh! The body of Dudjom," instead of the usual prayers of praying to the body, -- CONTINUE --


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