it is our duty and responsibility to do so, not only to repay his kindness to us, but also to repay the kindness of Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, as well as for the benefit of all sentient beings. So after this pure samaya was made between Guru Lau and us, we still kept a very low profile in trying, by all means, to shy away from Dharma politics.
Guru Lau also very seriously advised us: "It is not an easy road to travel for the propagation of the Dharma, and so try to do the best you can. Lord Buddha himself had said that even though he had taught for 49 years, he did not say any Dharma, neither did he save any sentient being. So for myself, though it is now quite some time since I started teaching the Dharma, I never expect anything in return. So

Letter of Authorization from Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche to guru lau for Translating his works from Tibetan intoChinese.

even if no one has benefitted from my labour, I still will not feel any regret! If from the worldly point of view, if there is just one person to be benefitted from my labour, I would already have a break-even; and if there are two persons, then I would have a 200% gain! You two, don't feel despaired when you are lonely; you will not be alone as I will be with you all the time. As long as you have a clean heart and a right attitude, everything will become very simple!" It seems that Guru Lau had already known at that time that we will be extremely lonely and totally powerless later on, and that he was already encouraging us to prepare for the difficult time ahead of us.
In order to realize the true nature of impermanence in life, as well as to develop one's own real potential, one really needs to face unfavourable circumstances head on in order to have real deep feelings and experiences for it. Go all the way down to hell (like Dante) in order to feel the unbearable pains, and then it will help one to realize what is, indeed, the truth of all things. The meanings of life will only come from overcoming death and adversities, in order that the phoenix can rise from the ashes! The words of Guru Lau "still need further training" had already pointed out the situation that we are now in, and we welcome it.
The most delightful thing that happened to us was that, under favourable cause and conditions, together with our good merit, we were able to receive the "rupa-kaya" relic of Guru Lau - his tooth - which gave us limitless encouragement and blessings, and thus fulfilled the prophecy that he had made to us - to be with us all the time!

(Remark: Due to my poor translation skills, the original Chinese version of this article which contains twelve poems and one prayer, as well as other situations of deep meanings and Chinese terminologies, have not been translated into English. With much regret, I deeply apologize to the readers for this - David Chan.)


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